About us

The ceramic workshop "Hydria" welcomes you to our site ceramic.gr


Pottery is the art of fire. In the last 8000 years, the progress of pottery is parallel to the advancement of human history. Despite the progress of the modern techniques which tend to replace the human effort with a mechanical one, we insist on tradition.
We use the “red Cretan clay“ and with the help of the pottery wheel, we create handmade pots for every use. they are then “baked” in a kiln, in two stages, at about 1000° C for every stage.
The purpose of the first stage is to transform the objects (pots or others) from soft and flexible to hand and bulk. In the second stage we achieve the colourful decoration of the object.
You can watch the potter as he creates, or even reveal the hidden artist within you.

The purpose of our workshop is to create exclusively handmade items of everyday use (everything is made on the wheel). The combination of Cretan pottery art with modern enamelling techniques applied to red Cretan clay offers a unique effect on our products, giving color to your everyday life. The colors we use to enamel our items are perfectly suited for everyday use, having been certified to a chemist for our health.